Who we are?

Our love for the sea started at an early age, like for most of yacht passionates, who probably sailed away for the first time long ago. As brothers we couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to honor our family’s love for sailing than this.

We know our yachts like we know each other. Our experience and passion for sailing can be appreciated in each and every detail of our yachts.


Alpha Custom Yachts is a company that helps all the ocean lovers sail away with a smile over and over again.

We are obsessed with quality and take care in every detail. Not just in the ones you can see but also in the ones you can’t. It is our way of doing things, and we will never change. It is the reason why we only work with the very best, from whom excellence is their standard.

We are here to make every detail perfect, so you just worry about the next destination.

Our Process

Alpha’s construction ritual begins with al list of all your requirements, as the cornerstone of your dream yacht. From there a team of specialists, in all relevant disciplines, will take you through a journey of sketches and simulations to build a unique custom sailer for you. They will examine your needs complexities and master all kind of technical challenges, to aproach functionality, elegance and fun.

Ultra Personalization

“We create unique moments in each area of our yachts.”

Detail obsession

Each Alpha Yacht has a unique set of attributes, their own strengths and characters, thanks to our obsession to detail. Because obsession is an essential ingredient in creativity.